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16 October
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The LiveJournal of agentsimmons on AO3; posts subject to friends-locked if necessary. If you would like to contact me about my fics rather than via Tumblr inbox or commenting on my fics, feel free to do so here or via PM.


I go by Jem. 27. Hopeless romantic grey-A. Very insecure. I'm also kind of self-deprecating so if I come across that way and it's annoying, sorry! I'm a depression fighter/survivor. A bit of an oddball and outsider, but I'm learning to be okay with that.

I'll probably forget about this account a lot like I do with my Tumblr, but I may use this journal to rant, muse, or post writings (personal and fanfiction). Some may not be completed things and just here for collection rather than on AO3.

Agent Jemma Simmons changed my life. Science Boyfriends wrecked my soul. Age of Ultron betrayed my trust.


Regarding fic requests, I make no guarantees, but here are some things to perhaps consider:
  • I have a niche for kidfic. I even have a Tumblr dedicated Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as dads here.
  • I tend to do nauseating fluff, crack, and AUs.
  • At this present time, I don't really write explicit smut because I'm really not good at it, mostly due to my own sexuality. My stuff usually contains foreplay, non-explicit, or fade to black. So if you do want to request something and want there to be sex, feel free to still ask with that caveat in mind; I'm open to discussing the specifics of what is wanted*+
  • While I may throw in a joke that seems fitting here and there, I don't actually ship/write any polyamory because I'm a monogamist for psychological/real life reasons that I can't really overcome even in fiction; I have quite literally cried over starting a story that wasn't tagged that turned into polyamory. So if you request it, it will be ignored.

    * I will NOT write bottom!Tony Stark exclusively. I will NOT write top!Bruce Banner exclusively. When I write or hint at a switch it's with the explicitness that he and Bruce are in a healthy versatile relationship and their roles at any given time are based on their understanding of what the other needs/wants/etc. I do not bend on this rule.
    + I don't write BDSM or D/S in general. I'm happily vanilla thank you very much.

    You can find AO3 updates detailing specifically what I'm working on/goals/etc. here. If you have any other questions about what I write/don't write/etc. feel free to do so - but nicely please. Unnecessarily rude comments about my preferences/choices/etc. will be ignored as will blatant disregard of what I'm comfortable with.